Oakland City-Wide Garage Sale

IT'S SPRING CLEANING TIME! What a great way to earn a little extra cash!

Download and complete the attached registration form below and turn it in by 5:00pm, Friday, April 27, 2013 at Oakland City Hall to receive your official "City-Wide Garage Sale" yard sign! Cost is $10 and includes official garage sale sign, address listing in the Wednesday, May 1st edition of the Fayette Falcon and any online advertising done through Facebook and our town website.

If you have questions, call us at 465-2921.

City-Wide Registration Form

Don't miss these sale addresses!

Download this list:
City-Wide Garage Sale Addresses

• 45 Pine Meadows Lane (7AM - Noon) Tons of baby clothes and items, furniture, and household goods

• 8400 Highway 64 (7AM - 1PM) Sewing machine, clothes, tools, books, household items

• 115 Country Forest Drive (8AM - 3PM) Bric-a-Brac, yard furniture, antiques, lamps, household items

• 100 Running Brook Lane (7AM - Noon) Furniture, clothes, teacher items, fabric, household items

• 235 White Pine Place (7AM - 5PM) Baby items, washing machine, tools, Coke machine, household items

• 120 Sugar Maple Trail (7AM - 1PM)  Toys, kitchen items, clothing, home decor

• 140 White Pine Place (7AM - 5PM) 3 Family yard sale, toys, kids clothes & shoes, household goods

• 610 Emily Road (7AM - 5PM) Appliances, clothes, furnishings, furniture, household items

• 115 Countywood Lane (7AM - 2PM) 2 house yard sale, furniture, functional hot tub, household goods

• 195 Oaks Edge Drive (7AM - Noon) Multi-family sale, stove, toddler bed/mattress, women's/kids clothes

• 45 Harbor Oaks Cove (7AM - 2PM) Trampoline, clothes, household items, tv's

• 40 Christopher Road (7AM - 2PM) 2012 Kawaski Ninja, furniture, golf clubs, baby items, household goods

• 25 Oak Lake Drive (7AM - 3PM) Treadmill, furniture, sports equipment, clothes, desks, lawn equipment

• 110 Hidden Garden Drive (7AM - 3PM) Steamer trunks, art, partial estate sale

• 75 Brookhaven (7AM - 3PM) Furniture, clothes, household items, kitchen goods

• 225 Lakewood Drive (7AM - 3PM) Baby items, dishes, kitchen appliances, household goods

• Fair Oaks Subdivision (7AM - 2PM) Clothing, furniture, electronics, toys, ceramics, household goods