West Tennessee Veterans Home

The West Tennessee Veterans home's mission is to ensure every eligible Veteran in Shelby, Fayette and Tipton County has access to the long-term care and rehabilitation services they have earned and deserve in a local State Veterans Home that meets or exceeds the highest standards possible.

To accomplish this mission we have the following objectives:

1) Identify a suitable parcel of land of at least 25 acres that may be considered for this facility.  The Tennessee State Veterans Home Board asks that a minimum of three possible sites be identified for preliminary testing.  After the local funding is complete the State will conduct final testing and the State will select the actual site.

2) The Federal Department of Veterans Affairs can provide 65% of the construction costs but will do so only after the initial 35% has been raised locally.  The construction costs are estimated at $72 million and the goal for the required local funds is set at $24 million. These local funds can be from local governments, the general community and private donors.  To help kick-start the funding requirements, Shelby County has earmarked $2 million for this project.

For more information, please visit www.veterans-home.com