The HIstory of Oakland

“Oakland TN was established in 1830 on both sides of Stage Road, a road running from Memphis through Raleigh, through Oakland and on to Somerville. Dr. James A Hunter erected the first house and he and his brothers opened the first dry goods store. By 1831, Oakland had enough residents for a post office.” from The History of Fayette County, Tennessee pages 256-257

Oakland was incorporated on February 1st 1919

Oakland’s Official Town Flag was adopted on November 12th 2006 and was designed by Jeffrey A. Fisher.

Oakland's Mayors

L.D. Mcauley – Sworn in June 2nd 1919

P.D. Henry – Sworn in

R.G. McFadden – Sworn in June 1949

J.F. Bradsher – Sworn in 1951

J. Hathaway – Sworn in 1957

Lowell Lawson – Sworn in 1958

H.L. Mewburn – Sworn in 1963

Tomlin – Sworn in

Carl Doyle – Sworn in

William Mullins – Sworn in

Scott Ferguson – Sworn in 2010

Chris Goodman - Sworn in 2013